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Gaia Sky 3.5.7-3, bugfix release

2023-11-29 09:16

We release today Gaia Sky, 3.5.7-3, which contains only a few important bugfixes.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Bugfix release 3.5.7-2

2023-11-21 12:10

The bugfix release of Gaia Sky, 3.5.7-2, is now available for download.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.7 released

2023-11-07 09:43

Today, we release Gaia Sky 3.5.7, which contains some new features and some important bug fixes.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Bugfix version 3.5.6-2

2023-10-24 09:19

We have released today a new bugfix version (3.5.6-2) which fixes a couple of shader issues with 3.5.6. Enjoy!

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.6 is out!

2023-10-20 08:49

We are releasing today a new version of Gaia Sky: 3.5.6. This contains some neat new features. These are the most important:

  • add film grain filter (disabled by default).
  • set a maximum age for `.part` download files of 6 hours.
  • improve recursive grid with travelling pulses and a noise mask.
  • add 'animate' setting to recursive grid preferences to toggle animation on and off.
  • add initial notice about Gaia Sky contacting the server to get the dataset updates list.
  • improve shader compilation error handling.
  • enable elevation (height) representation without tessellation in a new 'regular' mode. This is the new default mode, as tessellation is a bit to taxing on old and integrated GPUs.
  • discontinue parallax mapping elevation type; the new vertex displacement type supersedes it.
  • add full support for point lights, and use them for stars.
  • true depth-tested close-by stars, also working with light glow enabled.

Additionally, some bugs have been fixed, most notably some shader crashes on macOS and the usage of predicted positions for tracked objects.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Yet another bugfix release, 3.5.5-2

2023-10-04 10:42

Gaia Sky 3.5.5-2, released today, fixes a couple of small bugs and integrates some improvements in the build system. Nothing to write home about, really.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

New bugfix release: 3.5.5-1

2023-10-03 17:59

Today we relase Gaia Sky 3.5.5-1, a bugfix release which fixes a couple of issues and adds some nice new features like diffuse scattering material properties.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.5 is here

2023-09-29 09:15

Another Friday, and another Gaia Sky release! Gaia Sky 3.5.5 comes with a few juicy new features, like the new UI or the updated close-up star shaders.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Patch release 3.5.4-1

2023-09-22 08:41

We are publishing today a little patch release, Gaia Sky 3.5.4-1, which fixes a couple of small issues with the VR version.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Version 3.5.4 is out today!

2023-09-20 11:21

Today, we release the latest version of Gaia Sky: 3.5.4. It includes some exciting new features like the square recursive grid style, or the re-designed time pane.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.3 is now out

2023-09-14 12:24

We release today Gaia Sky 3.5.3, which includes a rewriting of the keyframes system. The camera keyframes system enables the visual and interactive definition and edition of camera paths via keyframes. With this release, it is possible to interactively play and step through paths defined via keyframes without exporting them to a camera path file.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

New bugfix release 3.5.2

2023-07-26 09:40

We are here with yet another bugfix release in the 3.5.x family, Gaia Sky 3.5.1. It contains some fixes for the keyframes subsystem, and it should now start in full screen by default on the Steam Deck (and other small-screen devices).

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Bugfix release 3.5.1

2023-07-18  13:40

Today, we publish a small bugfix release, Gaia Sky 3.5.1. It contains a fix for the bookmark system on Windows.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Published Gaia Sky 3.5.0

2023-07-17  13:22

Finally, we release today Gaia Sky 3.5.0! While it only represents a very small update since the last release candidate, 3.5.0-RC10, the amount of new features and bug fixes since the last stable version, 3.4.2, is actually huge. The release notes contain 69 new features, 52 bug fixes, 3 performance improvements and many other refactoring and build system items.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC10 released

2023-07-11  09:59

Today we release the small Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC10. It includes only bug fixes and library updates, so the update process should be pretty much painless.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Yet another RC, Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC9

2023-06-30  11:49

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC9 is now out. It includes improvements in the handling of velocity vectors in LOD datasets, fixes a bug with loading data via SAMP and adds some extra controls in the preferences.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC8 released

2023-06-29  10:09

We are releasing today Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC8, which contains a few neat features, additionally to the usual bug fixes and refactors:


  • Enable holding comma or period to slow down or speed up time. Map time speed up and slow down to d-pad up and down in game controllers.
  • Add trailMinOpacity to trajectories. This raises the opacity of a trail to the given minimum value.
  • Speeding up and slowing down time can be done by pressing and holding '.' and ',' respectively. No more frantically clicking a key. Also, the time warp change is smooth now.
  • Add camera position/orientation named bookmarks, additionally to the already existing object bookmarks. Add bookmarks for many eclipses in the default bookmarks.txt.

Bug Fixes

  • Look-up table paths in procedural generation window.
  • Regression in go-to command with star and particle groups.

Code Refactoring

  • Consolidate shader and resource disposing in post processors.
  • Unify tessellation and regular shader infrastructure.

Downloads and full release notes are here.

Small bug fix in Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC7

2023-06-22  12:50

We are putting out GaiaSky 3.5.0-RC7 just one day after RC6. The new release contains a single bugfix which protects against crashes due to a corrupted configuration file.

Downloads and release notes here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC6 now available

2023-06-21  14:04

Just a short note informing that GaiaSky 3.5.0-RC6 is now available. It contains several bug fixes, and implements support for eclipses.

Downloads and release notes here.

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC5 out!

2023-06-07  15:44

The latest release candidate is out: GaiaSky 3.5.0-RC5. It comes with several critical performance improvements and many bug fixes.

Downloads and release notes here.

New release candidate 4 for Gaia Sky 3.5.0

2023-05-24  08:32

Today we publish the fourth release candidate to Gaia Sky 3.5.0, Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC4. It fixes some bugs and contains a couple of new features:

  • Enable labels for regular particle cloud datasets.
  • New unsharp mask algorithm which produces much better results.
  • Remove non-instanced triangle rendererer for particle and star sets.
  • Use screen-aligned billboards in regular mode, and scene-aligned ones in any of the cubemap modes (360, planetarium, etc.).

Here are the full release notes, and here the dowlonads.

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC3 is out

2023-05-15  09:57

We have just published the third release candidate to Gaia Sky 3.5.0, Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC3. It includes several bug fixes, a lot of library updates (and some removals),  and the following notable features:

  • Support for textrue arrays in particle sets.
  • Hard max. distance limit set at 50 Gpc.
  • Activate v-sync in welcome and loading screens. Fix FPS lock mode to hit the defined target FPS setting with precision.
  • Top info interface time and date are clickable, and open the date edit dialog.

Here is the full release notes, and here are the dowlonads.

The OpenXR migration is complete

2023-05-09  15:48

We just fixed the last elusive bug in Gaia Sky VR. The controller interaction with the VR control panel had a problem where the intersection detection was a bit off randomly. With the fix, the interactions with all in-scene VR menus is pixel-perfect. This is the last big issue remaining towards Gaia Sky 3.5.0, so the release is now very close! Here is a video:

Release candidate 2 is out!

2023-05-02  09:27

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC2 is now available. It contains some important bug fixes (especially for VR) and a global library update to the most recent versions. As always, this is an RC, so please do not forget to report any bugs you encounter in our bug tracker.

Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC1 now available!

2023-04-27  14:47

Today we make available the first release candidate version of Gaia Sky 3.5.0. As pointed out in a previous post, Gaia Sky 3.5.0-RC1 comes packed with new features and bug fixes. As this is a release candidate, please do not forget to report any bugs you encounter in our bug tracker.

New features in Gaia Sky 3.5.0

2023-16-04  11:25

The new version of Gaia Sky, 3.5.0, is just around the corner, and it comes with big improvements and exciting new features. In this post, we detail some of the new features in the upcoming Gaia Sky 3.5.0.

  • Migration to OpenXR: we have moved the VR version of Gaia Sky from the old and clunky OpenVR/SteamVR to new standard OpenXR API by the Khronos group, which is supported natively by all the main players in the VR space. Whatever your choice of VR headset, chances are that with this update Gaia Sky VR will work with it.
  • Spherical mirror projection: we add support for the spherical mirror projection for single-projector setups using a mirror. You need to supply your own mesh warp file for it to work. If you don't have your own warp file, you can try with one of the generic one provided here.
  • glTF support: glTF is the new standard format for 3D models and scenes. In this version, we add support for loading glTF models (and also glTF-binary and glTF-embedded) directly into Gaia Sky. This required of some shader tweaking to fully adapt to PBR (physically-based rendering). We now support ambient occlusion and occlusion-metallic-roughness textures in our shaders.
  • New camera key bindings: press and hold Z to speed up the camera motion, use Ctrl-C to toggle cinematic mode, and Ctrl-M to circle between the different camera modes.

Additionally to these new features, the new release comes with many smaller bug fixes, improvements in the JSON data format and new scripting API calls.

Hello world!

2023-16-04  10:55

Today we are adding this "Gaia Sky news" section to our webpage. In this section, we will publish new releases, release notes, and also Gaia Sky dev news and curiosities. Stay tuned!

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