Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Dr. David James Whitworth

Research interests
I am interested in how stars form in low metallicity extreme environments similar to what we believe the earliest galaxies would have been like. How does the growth of a primordial magnetic field affect this early star formation and in what environs do these stars form when there is little molecular hydrogen are the questions I am interested in answering.

Whitworth, David J.; Smith, Rowan J. et al. (inc. Glover, Simon C. O.; Klessen, Ralf S.)
Magnetic fields do not suppress global star formation in low metallicity dwarf galaxies
MNRAS 520, 89(2023)

Kong, Shuo; Whitworth, David J. et al. (inc. Smith, Rowan J.)
Filament formation via collision-induced magnetic reconnection - formation of a star cluster
MNRAS 517, 4679(2022)

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