Ruprecht-Karls-Universität Heidelberg

Dr. Carolin Liefke

Astronomisches Rechen-Institut

HdA, Room H-512

Postal Address
Zentrum für Astronomie der Universität Heidelberg
Astronomisches Rechen-Institut
Königstuhl 17
69117 Heidelberg

Research interests
Delegated to the Haus der Astronomie, Heidelberg's center for astronomy education and outreach, I am working on many projects bringing astronomical research to teachers, university students about to become teachers, high school students and to the public in general. That includes courses within the bachelor of science/master of education program in physics at the University of Heidelberg, teacher trainings at various locations, programs for gifted high school students or those with a special interest in science as well as operating and providing support for remote telescopes for school usage. And from a previous life: stellar activity as observed in the optical or in X-rays

Fuhrmeister, B.; Lalitha, S. et al. (inc. Liefke, C.)
Multi-wavelength observations of Proxima Centauri
A&A 534, A133(2011)

Liefke, C.; Fuhrmeister, B. et al.
Multiwavelength observations of a giant flare on CN Leonis. III. Temporal evolution of coronal properties
A&A 514, A94(2010)

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