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(November 29, 2023) Current stable version: 3.5.7-3

System Package SHA256
Linux logo Linux DEB package (98 MB)
RPM package (98 MB)
Linux/Unix installer (51 MB)
AppImage (95 MB)
AUR stable - gaiasky
AUR dev - gaiasky-git
Flatpak (via Flathub)
Windows logo Windows 64-bit installer (97 MB) 73052371622b5ec4b6fff4e6a179dbdcd9dcb2abdf171792c0f8a4aa887a7465
macOS logo macOS DMG package (105 MB) 29774c96858b0743cdfb9103ee9f1bdf6d7acd0d31a3933c05c0797f192e975e
tar.gz logo Archive file TAR.GZ archive file (48 MB) 5ffc2dfd3660ad77a8d3d10f8836e146cbf08bce4cdbc6612a8ee8870e6186e1
Codeberg logo GIT repository Source code -

Installation instructions

Windows installer

Download the installer and double-click on it. Follow the on-screen instructions. In Windows 8/10 SmartScreen may block the installation. If so, just click on More info and then on Run anyway.

macOS installer

Download and open the DMG file. Drag the Gaia application from the mounted drive to your /Applications directory. Our package is not signed, so you may want to have a look at how to open apps from "unidentified developers".

TGZ installation

Uncompress the archive in POSIX systems using:

tar -zxvf gaiasky-[version].tar.gz

DEB package

Run the following in a terminal:

dpkg -i gaiasky-[version].deb

RPM package

Run the following in a terminal:

rpm -ivh --nodigest gaiasky-[version].rpm

AUR package

Use any tool capable of installing packages from AUR. The package name is gaiasky. For example, with yay:

yay -S gaiasky


To install, just do:

flatpak install flathub de.uni_heidelberg.zah.GaiaSky

Run with:

flatpak run de.uni_heidelberg.zah.GaiaSky


The AppImage package does not need to be installed. Just download the file, optionally check the digest, give it execution permission, and run it.
Check digest:

sha256 ./GaiaSky_[version].appimage

Give execution permission to your user:

chmod u+x ./GaiaSky_[version].appimage

Run with:


Gaia Sky VR

Gaia Sky supports Virtual Reality via OpenXR on Linux and Windows. Use the CLI argument gaiasky -vr or use the gaiaskyvr.exe executable (on Windows) to run it. You need a VR headset and runtime supporting OpenXR.

Getting the data

The Gaia Sky installation only contains the raw program. If you actually need to run Gaia Sky you will need to download some data (catalogs, 3D models, textures, etc.). To do so, Gaia Sky contains an integrated dataset manager to help you get the datasets you need. In case you need to run Gaia Sky in a machine without an internet connection or have problems with the built-in downloads, we offer direct downloads for all versions of all datasets. As a general rule of thumb, you should always get the most recent version.

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