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Lectures & Seminars


The lecturers of the Astronomisches Rechen-Institut offer lectures and seminars at the University of Heidelberg. In the electronic information system of the university LSF general information on the course program for

is available. The Faculty for Physics and Astronomy also offers general information about the different degree programs for physics and astronomy.

In the "Studienplan Astronomie" (in German) the requirements and recommendations for studying Astronomy are described.

'Projektpraktika' / small research projects, bachelor, master, diploma and PhD theses at ARI

For undergraduate students ARI offers 'Projektpraktika' and small research projects to gain their first research experience. The research groups at ARI offer a variety of topics for bachelor, master and diploma theses and for PhD theses. You are invited to contact the associated teachers and co-workers directly for detailed information. The actual list of ongoing small research projects, bachelor, master, diploma and PhD theses gives an idea of the various research topics that our undergraduate and graduate students are working on.

The ARI ist involved in the International Max-Planck-Research School for Astronomy and Cosmic Physics at the University of Heidelberg(IMPRS), which is operated by the Max-Planck-Institutes for Astronomy and for Nuclear Physics together with the Faculty for Physics and Astronomy. The IMPRS offers students a first-class education in the framework of the Heidelberg Graduate School of Fundamental Physics.

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